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15.5bar special pressure screw air compressor for laser cutting machine

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Skid-mounted laser cutting air compressor, integrated innovative design, ready to use, integrated air compressor, cold dryer, filter air storage tank, suction dryer, built-in drainage filter, to ensure high quality compressed air , wider application range, stable air supply pressure, saving installation space, ready-to-buy and install. Adopt Baldor cloud intelligent operating system, with user-friendly functions such as use reminder, overpressure and high temperature alarm, compressed air quality warning, etc.

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Treated compressed air: Pressure dew point: -20~-30°C; Oil content: no more than 0.001ppM; Particle filter accuracy: 0.01um. Laser cutting air compressor, which integrates air compressor, cold dryer, air storage tank, gas-water separator, filter, and drainer to form a complete air source system. It is usually more scientific, more reliable and more secure than the user purchasing a single product for configuration, or handing it over to a middleman for configuration, no matter in terms of economy, stability, environmental protection, and energy saving. A new digital management system realizes remote management and digital protection. The newly upgraded high-efficiency cold dryer has more stable operation performance and longer service life. 5-stage high-efficiency precision filtration to ensure the purity of the terminal gas. Equipped with an automatic drainage system, the application site is cleaner.


Screw air compressors for laser cutting are widely used in sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising production, kitchen utensils, automobiles, lamps, saw blades, elevators, metal crafts, textile machinery, grain machinery, glasses production, aerospace, medical equipment, Instrumentation and other industries.

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