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Oil-cooled two-stage permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor

Short Description:

1. No gears, no traditional faults such as couplings, no bearings for the motor, more stable operation and less noise;

2. Unique design, dual hosts, dual motors, horizontal placement, less vibration, more stable and comfortable operation;

3. Dual air ends, double frequency conversion, stepless speed change, so that the host is always running at an energy-saving speed, more energy-saving;

Oil-cooled IP55 fully enclosed motor, the motor is controlled in a good state, with higher efficiency and safety.

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1. Ultra-efficient oil-cooled permanent magnet motor, circulating cooling, more energy efficient
2. The unique secret chamber mute design makes the operation more quiet
3. OSG optimized system design makes the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the whole machine more convenient
5.Ultra-efficient, ultra-environmental protection, and ultra-convenient, making users more satisfied

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Air compressor installation processing

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Air compressor   >       Air tank     >     Filter    >    Air dryer     Filters


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Packing and delivery

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