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Have you seen such an oil-free scroll air compressor?

What kind of air compressor can be hailed as a "new revolutionary compressor" and an "ideal power source for pneumatic machinery"?

That is the scroll air compressor! Among them, the EZOV series of OSG oil-free scroll air compressors is even more outstanding.


1. Low temperature means more efficiency

With an exceptionally low running temperature of less than 60ºC, near isothermal compression is achieved.

The superior cooling capability of water removes the heat and gives more air per kW of power.

This also eliminates the need for an internal cooler and aftercooler, the associated power consumption reduces pressure drop to a minimum.

2. Cutting the maintenance cost

Spare parts only need air filter elements and water filter elements

Low operating temperature ensures the long service life of the screw air end, avoiding expensive maintenance costs for the screw rotor.

Low temperature reduces the stress on other components ensuring long life.

3. Avoiding the costs of extra energy to combat pressure drop

These costs, although not apparent at the time of purchase, are very high and contribute substantially to the total cost of ownership.

4. No Gearbox No need for associated oil lubrication.

5. Simple structure

Fewer moving parts than the dry oil-free screw air compressor, meaning there is less to go wrong,

while balance bearing loads extend the compression element service life for low-cost operation.

[Extremely silent, efficient and stable]

The unique quietness and micro-vibration of the scroll type provide a comfortable working space. With only 50db, there is no need to affect the environment even if it is operated at night.

The exhaust fan adopts a silent axial flow fan to ensure that the heat of the sound insulation cover is dissipated in time.

The cooling fan adopts an integrated centrifugal fan with low noise, high pressure and strong wind force to ensure sufficient cooling air volume.

[Simple and compact]

The simple and smart design reduces the floor space to the greatest extent and achieves high space utilization. The operation interface is friendly and easy to use. Equipment parameters can be easily set and adjusted through the touch screen to achieve intelligent control.

This series of products adopts the most advanced oil-free scroll technology to ensure efficient operation and long-term stability of the equipment, providing enterprises with clean and reliable compressed air solutions.

In the future development, OSG will continue to adhere to the product positioning of "energy saving, intelligence and reliability" and devote itself to the innovation of compressor technology and improvement of quality. We will pay more attention to long-term sustainability and provide more economical and environmentally friendly compressor products and services to more companies.

Post time: Jun-17-2024