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Installation characteristics and technical requirements of compressors in chemical enterprises

As the core equipment of enterprise production, the stable and safe operation of compressor equipment has a significant impact on the economic benefits of enterprises. In chemical enterprises, due to the special nature of the working environment, hazardous operations such as high temperature and high pressure, flammable and explosive materials, and harmful substances can cause serious safety accidents in production.

In recent years, the production conditions of chemical enterprises have been continuously improving, but various safety accidents still exist, and safety accidents caused by compressor equipment during production and operation still account for a large proportion. Control from the source of compressor design, including design, procurement, on-site installation, commissioning, and operation. Establish strict operating procedures and maintenance levels during the production process to ensure the safe operation of equipment.


Characteristics of compressor equipment installation engineering in chemical enterprises


1. Process characteristics of compressor equipment in chemical enterprises

In chemical enterprises, due to the fact that most compressors come into contact with production materials, which are mostly flammable, explosive, toxic, and highly corrosive, the requirements for compressors are also different. Therefore, there are strict requirements for compressor selection, materials, sealing, etc. If the compressor cannot meet the requirements of chemical production processes, it can cause economic benefits such as material leakage and damage to equipment, and serious safety accidents such as personal injury. Secondly, compressor equipment has a variety of power sources, mainly electrical energy, as well as chemical energy, air energy, thermal energy, electromagnetic energy, etc. The third is special operating parameters and various working conditions, such as high and low pressure, high and low temperature, high and low speed, emergency shutdown, and frequent start stop. The fourth requirement is to have high sealing performance.

2. Technical requirements for installation of compressor equipment in chemical enterprises

First, prepare well. Collect technical information on the selected compressors and related supporting equipment, master the required working environment and process flow of the facility, and complete the design of equipment production stage drawings based on this. At the same time, before starting the foundation pouring, attention should be paid to the implementation and stability of precise calibration equipment, comprehensive inspection of equipment operation status, and control of installation deviation. Due to the need to ensure high installation accuracy values for compressor equipment, it is necessary to optimize the installation process based on specific specifications, especially focusing on the construction requirements of machinery and actual production processes to minimize deviation values.

The second is to strictly control the welding quality. The quality control of welding is also crucial in installation engineering. When welding, operators should focus on controlling interlayer temperature, pre layer welding status, arc voltage and position, welding setting method, welding power and speed, welding rod or wire diameter selection, welding sequence, etc. according to the process guide book and welding operation plan. After welding is completed, the quality of the weld seam should be checked, with special attention paid to the inspection of the appearance and size of the weld seam. In the quality control process, it is necessary to manage the internal defects of the weld, the surface flatness of the weld, the appearance defects, the excess height size, and the length of the weld legs of the weld.

The third is lubrication and explosion-proof. For some special process flows, it is necessary to carefully inspect the actual use of lubricating oil in compressor equipment. At the same time, the selection of lubricating oil should consider the influence of motion speed, load properties, and surrounding temperature. To improve the performance of lubricating grease, a certain amount of graphite powder can be added to form a tough texture oil film, which can play a buffering role. If the electrical equipment is located in a flammable and explosive area, it is necessary to ensure good explosion-proof sealing performance and electrostatic discharge function, and the electrical equipment can meet the explosion-proof standards for gas explosion hazardous areas at maximum load.

Post time: Jan-23-2024