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Energy saving and environmental protection Honest, International Compressor Exhibition

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Before the "Double Eleven", the world-renowned China International Import Expo came to an end. The 2018 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, the 2018 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition and the 2018 Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition were held concurrently. Taking advantage of the momentum of the China International Import Expo, it also attracted nearly 100,000 professional visitors from all over the world. More than 200 companies in the air compressor related industry participated in the exhibition and all achieved unexpected good results. Among them, an air compressor manufacturer left a deep impression on many visitors with a series of "Chinese red" tone products and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. This is Shanghai Honest Compressor Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Honest Compressor Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of twin-screw air compressors with a history of 14 years. It is also an important supplier of air system solutions in China. The permanent magnet frequency conversion series and oil-free series that Honest mainly promoted this time fit the exhibition theme of intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and high efficiency, technology and environmental protection. Honest Compressor pays attention to market trends in technology research and development, is close to user needs, actively absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign brand performance structures, and incorporates its own characteristics of convenient maintenance, so that the air compressors it produces have more complete structures and better performances. And the energy saving and consumption reduction are obvious - all kinds of advantages have attracted a large number of audiences.

Among the many red-toned products and equipment, a blue and white air compressor is elegant and fresh, which attracts special attention. This is the new EOF dry oil-free series compressor launched by Honest. This series of products adopts permanent magnet frequency conversion and two-stage compression technology to ensure excellent energy efficiency. The high-efficiency oil-free main engine is applied with aviation impeller coating, so that the equipment still has reliable performance and longer service life under high temperature.

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At present, with the in-depth implementation of the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the general trend of the development of the air compressor industry, and the domestic oil-free machine market has great potential. In the oil-free machine series, the dry oil-free machine is a higher-end product. At present, the relatively mature dry oil-free machine technology has been monopolized by foreign big-name air compressor manufacturers for a long time. The dry oil-free machine in my country is still exploring and developing. At the stage, the model launched by Honest Compressor at the exhibition is not only a proof of the company's own technical level and R&D strength, but also contributes to the diversification, energy saving and environmental protection of the domestic air compressor market.

The industry is constantly optimizing and developing, and the enterprise is making continuous progress in exploration. Let us look forward to the more dazzling "China Red" of Honest with a touch of passion!

Post time: Feb-05-2023